About us

We from NEONA, Rene, Lea and Gabriel, met three years ago during our studies in Cologne. During this learning-intensive time, we quickly became aware of how much influence light has on our mood, our productivity and our well-being. We noticed, for example, that we could work more concentrated and productive with white light, but relaxed better with warmer light. Different colors of light, such as red or blue, also affected our mood.

We began to look more closely at light and its psychological effects. As students, it was particularly important to us to provide lamps that would fill unused spaces (such as corners) in a space-saving way, illuminate the room in appropriate light, and look fashionable at the same time. Another important aspect has always been sustainability. By using LEDs, energy can be saved and a long-lasting luminaire can be produced.

Over the years, NEONAS product portfolio has expanded, so that everyone is guaranteed to find the perfect lamp for themselves.