All options mentioned work. The lighting elements can shine together in the same light color and dimming, but can also be operated separately. Means: the upper light element can, for example, shine in cold white and at the same time the lower light element in warm white. The upper element can also be easily switched off using gesture control so that only the lower element lights up. Of course it works the other way around as well.

It is only dimmed via gesture control. We have an integrated memory function, so if you turn the lamp off and on again with the light switch, the last setting will shine again.

You can decide at any time whether the circles should be flush, arranged one on top of the other or hanging at an angle. Thanks to our roll-up system, you can easily change the position by pulling down or pushing up.

The entire light (upper and lower light element) can be moved variably. The minimum hanging depth is 50cm and the maximum hanging depth is 2m.

Both. The lamp can be switched on and off using a light switch and gesture control.